erler Factory Automation 4.0 – the new cross-sector performance package to integrate existing machinery and create lower-cost production conditions


We set the strategic objective for the new performance package by determining which customer requirements and needs are decisive for automation. Existing standards and their application were checked and the interface connection of different controller types investigated. We responded to the challenge of integrating solutions such as PDA, EnMon, ConMon, JasperSoft and, last but not least, erler solutions such as order management into APROL. Of particular interest was "return on investment“ as an economic key figure in connection with automation.




The erler Factory Automation 4.0 has already proved its worth during system integrations in various production buildings.

The erler Factory Automation 4.0 performance package:

  • Real-time data is collected and archived.
  • Data preprocessing routines prevent an excessively high volume of data.
  • The data extracted is edited, analyzed and presented in graphical form or as a report.
  • The reports can be generated for the wide variety of organizational areas within a company, for example for production management, controlling, purchasing or the management board.
  • The objective is always to integrate the existing machine park into the software system.

The customer benefits:

  • Costs are reduced through optimum production processes and the resulting savings in material.
  • As the entire production process is transparent, faults or breakdowns can be located and rectified quickly.
  • Expensive energy is used efficiently, because the machine status is known and production processes can be controlled.
  • Manpower costs are reduced, as the data no longer need to be manually recorded and reported.
  • Previous investments are not wasted, as existing machinery is connected to the system.

Technologies used:

  • PDA
  • EnMon
  • JasperSoft