Electrical connection of a robot system to feed a grinding machine, including feasibility studies using simulations


The assignment comprised the electrical design and the software development for the robot, including the integration of the new safety systems. Before connecting the Kuka KR150L110 robot system to the existing grinding machine, we carried out a feasibility study of the planned application using simulations. An automatic stacking height management system, including the option to manually correct the stacking height, was planned as a special feature.


Furniture industry / parquet flooring industry


The customer can now optimally use the second-hand robot system bought on the open market and thus compensate for the current lack of operating personnel through automation. This also allows the grinding machine to be operated over several shifts. The system's concept is so flexible that it is possible to feed different parquet tiles, with regard to both size and quantity. A highlight during this project was the successful allocation of the tasks between erler and the customer. Our customer was responsible for installing the entire gripper system and the safety enclosure and also for setting up the robot system; we undertook the entire planning, organization and coordination of the project and performed all electrical and control tasks.

Technologies used:

  • KUKA KR150L110 robot system
  • KUKA KRC2 robot controller