Passionate about Dormettingen

As a Swabian family business, erler has deep roots in its home region and is exceedingly dedicated to its location in Dormettingen. As a partner for industry in Baden-Wuerttemberg, we feel a deep attachment to our home state.

Not all of our employees come from the immediate vicinity by a long shot – but our location in Dormettingen has so far charmed and delighted every one who has come to live here. The region possesses high recreational value and offers unlimited possibilities to partake in sport and outdoor activities. Not to forget the rich cultural life in the region between Tübingen and Rottweil. And for those looking for something other than the wild nature of the Kleiner Heuberg and the Großer Heuberg on the Swabian Jura, the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart, and Lake Constance are just a short drive away.

The Zollernalb district offers wonderful opportunities to compensate for an at times challenging working life.

Our preference is to make our professional commitment available to the numerous small and medium-sized companies in the Neckar-Alb region, in the Lake Constance region, in Upper Swabia as well as in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region.

After all, love of one’s homeland goes hand in hand with responsibility: without a strong economy, our region will not be able to remain such an attractive and great place to live. We are the partner who helps manufacturing firms between Stuttgart and Lake Constance to safeguard their future.