Precision and flexibility

erler gmbH offers you the complete solution for automation projects – including software development, electrical systems planning, control cabinet construction, system cabling, commissioning, documentation, after sales service and support.

We handle projects with an extremely close eye on deadlines and costs. At the same time, we react flexibly when it comes to implementing our clients’ requests. We created decision-making structures for this purpose, which, combined with our family-like working climate, enable us to act in a focussed, expeditious manner.

Company history

Generational change is introduced: Holger Erler is CEO. The 100. Robot control has been put into operation.
Control cabinet certification for North America according to UL 508A; Generational change is introduced: Jochen Erler is next to his father Alois additional CEO.
1st trade fair appearance at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nuremburg, Germany; the company was certified as a training company for dual studies in computer science.
2nd generation: Holger Erler joined the PLC/PCT software development department; portfolio expanded to include WPF software development services for machine visualization.
Launch of the new corporate design; 30 employees; 1st engineering thesis for a prospective state-approved electrical engineer; portfolio expanded to include process control systems.
Relocation to the premises to Bubensulz 6; change to the organizational structure: Introduction of a project manager; 1st female trainee industrial clerk.
Groundbreaking for the new building; 10 years after its foundation the first employee received an award for 10 years of service with the company. 1st dual-studies student in electrical engineering, specializing in automation.
Decision to build new company-owned premises; the company was certified as a training company for dual studies in electrical engineering; introduction of the ERP system.
Greater emphasis was put on robotics.
20 employees
The company was certified as a training company; 1st trainee in electronics for plant engineering; portfolio expanded to include complete automation solutions.
2nd generation: Jochen Erler joined the PLC software development department.
First use of a vision system in a complex medical-equipment project.
Turnover: €1,000,000
Portfolio expanded to include electrical design; full-range supplier for control technology.
10 employees; portfolio expanded to include control cabinet design and machinery and plant installation.
The sole proprietorship was transformed into a limited-liability company, "erler gmbh, Dienstleistungen für SPS- und Robotertechnik".
Portfolio expanded to include robot and drive systems; portfolio expanded to include PC software development; turnover: DM 1,000,000.
1st employee; portfolio expanded to include SCADA and visualization systems.
The company's courage was rewarded with a strong demand for PLC programming; relocation on the 1st of June to the premises to Mühlweg 3; portfolio expanded to include Simatic S7.
The company was established by Alois Erler on the 1st of January as a sole proprietorship, "Alois Erler, Ingenieurbüro für SPS-Technik", a classic startup in his own home; turnover: DM 150,000.