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Factory Automation 4.0 – the networked production system of the future

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The future of production systems started long ago at erler. Factory Automation 4.0 connects the production level to the management level fully automatically. We thus open up undreamed-of possibilities for control systems that get the most out of your system.

The basis for factory automation is the real-time recording of the production and process data. This allows the individual machines to be already networked at the production level, which, for example, reduces downtime to a minimum. Depending on the requirements, cloud or fog solutions are used.

However, its greatest strength lies in connecting the production level to the systems used by the company's management – ERP, QA and MES, for example. Among other advantages, this enables the required resources to be planned more efficiently.

The system is also scalable. This means that it can be adapted to meet the current needs at any time and grows, as it were, with its tasks when you need it to.

For Factory Automation 4.0 we rely on the system B&R APROL PDA with APROL EnMon.

What is erler Factory Automation 4.0?

  • erler Factory Automation 4.0 is a package made up of software and hardware whose purpose is to merge an existing machine level with the management level.

What is the purpose of erler Factory Automation 4.0?

  • Production and process data are recorded, analyzed and evaluated in real time.
    Information is then forwarded to the management level.
    The management level is then able to control the production.

Where is erler Factory Automation 4.0 located?

  • Links up the management level and the machine level
  • Supplements the management level with individual control functions
  • Networks the machine level
erler Fabrikautomation 4.0

More information can be found in this PDF