Connection of a roll container load in a logistics centre to two superordinate process control systems with intensive data exchange


The first step was to integrate the load of the roll containers in the logistics centre with two process control systems. Every state and every function of the roll container system is shared with the two process control systems – the resulting amount of data is enormous. An additional challenge has arisen as the roll containers have structural tolerances and moreover some of them are deformed due to transport damages. Therefore the system has to be particularly robust and the software has to run smoothly, to compensate unexpected incidents.

Beyond that we integrated the labeller together with the scanner and the wrapper into the entire process. In addition we configured the communication between the automatic feeder for the empty roll containers and the pick-up for the loaded ones with an automatic unmanned lifting truck system. As a whole there were 26 roll container systems in the logistics centre that had to be integrated this way. A special feature of this project was the international cooperation with project teams from seven countries.


Logistics in the food industry


As a result of the project our customer now disposes of a fully automatic logistics centre. The roll containers are loaded order-related at 26 systems. All processes, starting with the incoming order from the branches via the loading of the roll containers up to the handing over to the forwarding agent, now run independently.


  • S7-300 Saftey-CPU
  • HMI-BasicPanel
  • TIA V13
  • SEW Movi Drive
  • SEW Movi Trac
  • ProfiNet + ProfiSafe