Modernization of a grain intake plant through automation and visualization of all filling and emptying processes


Having assessed the present status, we redesigned the grain intake plant, renewing older control components – which were at various technological levels – and planning new system components.

The contract covered the creation of the PLC software, building the control cabinet, the complete redesign of the control system and, last but not least, commissioning. Filling and emptying the silo, the preselection of the routing and the control of the load components were automated and visualized.

During the work the existing PLC control of the intake gutter and the loading were integrated into the new overall control system. In addition, the various operating modes were combined and central control was introduced for subsystems that were previously operated manually.


Food, semi-luxury food


The operation and monitoring of the processes is now much simpler due to the central visualization. Faults can be located faster due to the fault management system and the diagnostics menu, and the availability of the plant has been greatly improved. Repeatable plant processes have lowered the running costs. At the same time, the product quality has been improved by the simple monitoring system. According to the customer, the complex plant processes are now depicted clearly and transparently. The staff who know the plant are very satisfied and have readily accepted the new situation.

The influence on the production process was kept to a minimum by commissioning in a number of individual steps. And: The farsighted design of the clear control structure allows further subsystems to be connected during future modernization work.

Technologies used:

  • Engineering tool TIA portal
  • Profinet