Progamming of Extended Transport Systems XTS for exceptional flexibility and outstanding dynamics in automation


Beckhoff Extended Transport System consists only of a small number of components and offers an extremely flexible automation concept. The movers operate independently from each other and can be programmed due to customers┬┤ demands and automation requests.

For this revolutionary automation concept we have developed a software environment where XTS functions only have to be configured. In detail these are work and test stations, workspaces within a station, movers and course lengths.




Faster at the market with reduced lead times: With XTS and our software environment you can realize the boldest automation ideas as time-consuming programming disappears.

The systems are space-saving and easy to handle. Each mover runs according to its task of automation. Fast production changeovers are no longer a problem. Each work station can be selected and dropped individually. In addition very low cycle times of <1 seconds can be realized.

Besides the enormous flexibility XTS sets new standards: The magnetic system is hardly subject to attrition, the cabling effort is low and a switch cabinet is only necessary on a small scale.


  • TwinCat NC PTP
  • TwinCAT XTS
  • TwinCat 3
  • Motion Control