Setting the course for stability through future-oriented action – with Jochen Erler as the second managing director and a new corporate name


Previously, erler's founder, Alois Erler, had sole responsibility for the management of the company. Now, however, his son, Jochen Erler, has been appointed as an additional managing director of the limited liability company. By taking this step, the family-run company is paving the way for a change of generations and is thus ensuring continuity in the management of the company.
At the same time the company's name has been changed to suit the existing logo. Since 18/11/2014 the company has been registered under the name "erler gmbh automation . robotik" instead of "erler Dienstleistungen für SPS und Robotertechnik gmbh"


We are a reliable partner for our customers, providing bespoke automated production technology, and we will, of course, remain so in the future. With our personalised customer service, on-schedule project implementation, direct communication and flat hierarchal structures, we realise groundbreaking solutions with a comprehensive service portfolio. The company's founder Alois Erler has stood for this right from the beginning, as has his son, Jochen Erler, for over ten years now. With his appointment as the second managing director, the basis has been created for reliability through stability. And by renaming the company, we are paving the way for seamless communication at all levels: Legally binding corporate name and logo now speak the same language.


Alois Erler, Jochen Erler