Automated and complete entry in all production and working areas of a chemical company with analysis and allocation of the energy comsumption


We implemented an efficient software that is able to enter and analyze an extensive amount of information for the maximum decrease of energy costs. Therefore all energy data – for electricity, hot water, water, vapour, compressed air, nitrogen and fuel oil – can now be recorded and analyzed with the greatest precision. The energy consumption is automatically allocated to the four production areas, the warehouse and laboratory as well as the administration. With this investment the foundation stone for the ISO 50001 certification was laid. Moreover our customer is now able to use the energy potential much better.




The entry of the energy consumption is now done automatically and without gaps and replaces the weekly entry by hand and the monthly analysis. Through individualized valuations, analysis and reports the energy consumption is allocated to the individual production and working areas. Therefore our customer is now able to enter the energy costs for individual production orders and has the opportunity to realize an allocation of costs that is based on the actual energy consumption. At the same time it was possible to take specific measures for a reduced consumption due to the collected data.

The automatically generated energy reports are sent to the energy manager, as well as the production, sales, plant and general management. The reports especially inform about the production´s energy costs and give an overview of the individual energy costs. The data provide clues to reduce the energy consumption further and therefore correspond with the ISO certification that stipulates regular energy savings regarding to the quantity that was produced.

Due to the now received ISO 50001 certification our customer is exempted from EEG apportionment and has been able to organize itself for the stricter conditions in the future.


  • B&R APROL V4.0-8
  • B&R X20CP3585
  • B&R X20AP3121
  • B&R Business-Intelligence-Suite
  • Jasper Soft