Successful commissioning of a robot cell that labels five different autoinjectors in the desired cycle time


To label autoinjectors, a TP80 robot with a CS8C controller from Stäubli was programmed and commissioned. A cycle time analysis was performed with SRS2013 in order to define the optimum paths. A customer-specific standard interface programmed by erler, which can also be used for future projects, connects the robot controller with the Elau PLC via Profibus DP. This was achieved in close cooperation with the machinery manufacturer's software developers. In addition, a teach-in menu for intuitive operation developed by erler was integrated into the Stäubli SP1 hand-held unit.


Medical equipment


The robot cell allows five different autoinjectors to be machined. To achieve this, the TP80 Fast Picker with five different grippers retrieves the parts out of a blister pack, places these on a feed unit of the rotary indexing table, retrieves the labelled and inspected part from another feed unit and sets it down in either the good or the reject parts trays. Thanks to the cycle time analysis performed at the start of the project, it was possible to meet the cycle time target of 30 parts per minute despite the limited space available and mechanical hindrances in the cell.
Due to the teach-in menu specially developed by erler for Stäubli robots, it was possible to significantly reduce both the commissioning time and the service-related downtimes. Moreover, the operating company saves the cost of a Stäubli training course.
The customer, who was thrilled by the result of the project, plans to implement further Stäubli systems together with erler using the standard interface and teach-in menu developed by us.

Technologies used:

  • TP80 Fast Picker from Stäubli with CS8C controller