100 SCARA and 6-axis robots installed and integrated into the operational procedures with corresponding software


An increasing number of robots are being used for activities that support human beings and which, due to their design, are able to reproduce human movement patterns. 6-axis and SCARA robots are particularly well suited to these applications.

Since the introduction of the latest generation of robots (e.g. Stäubli CS9) a safe controller has allowed the usual safeguards to be omitted if required, allowing closer interaction between man and machine.


Automotive, building materials, electronics, plastics, medicine, metal, packaging, pharmaceutical, ...


Delicate contact pins, dialysis filters or two-meter-long parquet boards:
Our robots carry out precisely defined operating sequences for a wide variety of requirements. The robots are controlled by a higher-level controller, generally a PLC. In addition, we developed the erler teach menu as a recognized standard for robots.

We perform the application work for and the commission of the robots in a wide range of countries; the man-machine communication is provided by multilingual robot systems.

The following feedback represents the many successful implementations at our customers. Michael Bubach from IfK Automation stressed the following: “The IfK systems can be used intuitively due to the erler control and operating concept and provides us with significant time and cost benefits.” And Steffen Fabing from Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH emphasized: “The teach menu shortens the commissioning times and also the downtimes during servicing, benefits that are indispensable for the economic processes in our company."


  • Stäubli: CS7 and RX60 to RX160
  • Stäubli: CS8 and TX and TS Series, TP FAST picker
  • Stäubli: CS9 and the new TX2 generation as well as safety functions
  • Kuka: KRC 2 and KR6
  • Kuka: KRC 4 and KR16 to KR120 R3200 as well as Safe Operation
  • Epson: RC180 and G3 / G6 / G10
  • Motoman: FS100 + MH5
  • Software: Profibus, Profinet, ProfiSafe, Modbus, Ethernet, EtherCat