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Automation on demand

Process I&C

Efficient and optimally designed I&C ensures that your system is reliable, failsafe and efficient. It controls, visualizes and monitors all running processes. The process control system and the programmable logic control are central to this. The data provided by the I&C supports you in tasks such as quality assurance, energy management and process optimization. 

We rely on systems that have already given us good results and adapt them individually to your needs.

Automation & robotics

Mobile, compact, individualized but still standard: Our automation & robotics systems offer you perfectly customized solutions. Individually planned based on customer requirements or with a flexible standardized implementation: erler offers performance-enhancing solutions with a high degree of quality assurance.

Factory Automation 4.0

Get the most out of your system. The future of production has long since begun with erler's Factory Automation 4.0 software and hardware package.

Its great strength lies in connecting the production level and company management systems, such as ERP, QA and MES. This makes it possible, for example, to plan resource requirements more efficiently. The system is scalable, meaning it can always be adapted to changing requirements and, as such, grows with its tasks.

Factory automation is based on real-time recording of production and process data. This enables networking of the individual machines on the production level for benefits such as minimizing downtimes. Cloud or fog computing solutions are used depending on requirements.

We use the B&R APROL PDA system with APROL EnMon for Factory Automation 4.0.


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