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Automated solutions have taken on a significant role in the textile industry. Inexpensive, robust and user-friendly textile robots pick up the individual layers of fabric and place them safely and smoothly in the desired location. erler provides the right solutions together with robotextile.


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Ready for use and proven on the market: The system solution comprising a small robot and special gripper removes individual layers of fabric from the cutting stack, separates the layer and conveys it to the next production step – without picking up the layer of fabric below.

All textiles are evaluated and studied for the gripping method: Thickness, flexural rigidity, pile, air permeability, weight, static charge and rolling edges.

Our robots provide the right textile gripper for every application:



  • by air flow method
  • by adhesion
  • with rubber rollers
  • with haptic fingers
  • Human/robot collaboration

Individually selectable

We offer you the option of a "cobot" as an alternative to our standard KUKA Scara robots. This robot uses integrated robot safety technology for working directly together with humans.

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