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Automation from an overall perspective

From fully automated and semi-automated machines to components and assemblies, we customize our products to meet your requirements and on-site conditions. Our technicians and engineers support you both in the early planning phase and in installation and commissioning. We even take care of existing systems – no matter whether they were built by erler or not. 

Standard robot cell

erler's standardized robot cells are suitable for handling technology, assembly and production as well as part testing.


erler's innovative flexible conveyor systems for bulk materials enable conveying and separation of different variants without spiral conveyors or reconfiguration.

Assembly systems

We offer individual solutions ranging from semi-automatic manual workstations to collaborative robots or interlinked assembly automation.

Rotary indexing tables

Rotary indexing tables are often a cost-effective solution for automating assembly work. erler determines the optimum automation concept for your specific assembly.

Textile industry handling

With our products for the textile industry, we have developed a gripper technology that enables separating and gripping limp materials.

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