Visit of the preschool children


It was an exciting day for the bear group of the kindergarten from Geislingen on June 15.
They visited us in the morning and got an insight into everything that lies behind robots and automation during various activities.
After the welcome, we started with a factory tour through the offices of the different teams up to the workshop. The entire bear group listened with interest to Jochen Erler's explanations.
Everyone was surprised at the everyday products we have already been involved in producing and at the heavy production processes the robots can take away from us. Nobody could guess how high payloads and speeds of robots can be.
Afterwards, there was a snack break in the recreation room and the children were divided into groups. Simone, Anja and Patrick prepared various stations for work and accompanied the little bears.

True to our motto "deeds produce successes".

In the workshop, the children were allowed to connect wires themselves with support and thus make the indicator lights light up via switches and pushbuttons. To do this, they cut individual wires to length, stripped the insulation, crimped wire end sleeves and wired the wires in the cabinet. Afterwards, they switched it on together and were allowed to play with the lights.
Using a tablet, each child was able to program and start a small mini-robot themselves. Fascinated and laughing, they marveled at it as it followed its own various instructions.
There were also big children's eyes during the demonstration of a real large robot system. Courageously, the girls and boys took on the role of system operators for placement and as programmers.
With a self-made robot mask at the fourth station, everyone was able to transform into their very own colorful robot model.
At the end and farewell, we gave them a little souvenir to take home with them.

Thank you very much for the nice and funny morning with you!
Your erler team

June 2023

Ski trip


Our traditional ski trip took us this year to the "Goldsmith of the Arlberg" Warth-Schröcken.

We didn't take home three Olympic medal winners, but still covered some kilometers of slopes with aplomb.
Even a cloudy view couldn't dampen our spirits. It was again a great time out for winter sports enthusiasts. The physical well-being was taken care of in the huts.

January 2023

Christmas Party 2022


On the cookies...
...Christmas party!

We started with a warm-up training so that everyone was fit for the company quiz. Santa Claus also came by and, as always, knew everything about everyone... Every review strengthened the laughing muscles!
After the great dinner we made three bowling alleys unsafe. It was fun!

December 2022

Technician Graduation


Would you have expected erler gmbh's automation and robotics solutions to be used in the production of many everyday products? In line with the motto "deeds produce successes", our forward-looking technologies and solutions help customers from a wide range of industries to produce the highest quality at economical prices. As a family-owned company, we take responsibility and we are committed to doing our utmost. The essence and purpose of our company is that we want to secure the future of our customers and the location of the manufacturing industry in Europe through erler automation solutions. When it comes to training, we attach great importance to a close integration of theory and practice. Even the apprentices are an integral part of the team - right from the start.
Tom Schmidt wrote his technician thesis regarding the topic "Electrical design - standard project with WSCAD". We are very proud and are looking forward to taking him on in our construction department.

Image source: Zollern Alb Kurier

July 2022

AOK Corporate Run


With a proud 21 runners we were again at the start and have completed the almost 5km course through Balingen.

Many thanks also to our large fan block, who cheered us on in every lap!

The well-deserved certificates and medals were duly celebrated.

June 2022



After more than 14 years with the company, we say goodbye to our colleague Edgar Reiner from Deilingen, who is taking a well-deserved retirement. As an installer, he looked after major customers in the region in the field of special machine construction from the very first project. Among them were control cabinets up to six metres long. Dear Eddi, we would like to thank you for your very careful work and for your many years of loyalty to the company!

January 2022

Trainee excursion


In order for trainees and students to get to know each other better, this year's programme included an excursion to the Indy kart track in Rottweil. Also present were the instructors from the respective areas.
After 16 laps of fast-paced fun, everyone arrived safely at the finish line. Afterwards, the hungry racers ended the evening in an Italian restaurant.

We are proud of our numerous employer benefits and are constantly optimising and expanding them.
We promote professional development and further education in the field of specialisation as well as teamwork.

November 2021

25 + 1 anniversary summer party


Finally we could make up for our anniversary summer party and celebrate properly!
erler gmbh automation . robotics since 1995!
Employees and their families were able to spend an unforgettable day in the SchieferErlebis in Dormettingen. Reviews of the managing directors, honours, entertainment and also feasting were not neglected.
We will remember it forever!

Many thanks to Matthias Wistuba Eventmanagement for the smooth organisation and to the SchieferErlebnis for the delicious catering!

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September 2021

Final exam passed with award


Great performance! We would like to congratulate our collague on passing her final exam for her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk – with the award „Prize“ at vocational school!

We are proud and very happy that Jutta remains loyal to us. She will continue to actively support the administration team.

We wish you plenty of success in your new position.

September 2021

Partner of the month – GO2automation


We have been awarded Partner of the month by GO2automation.

The portal where producers & automation specialists meet! The global knowledge & expert database for production automation: AI-supported search for specialist companies, online networking, as well as effective and solution-oriented cooperation. Online. Intuitive. Reliable.

We also received an award from Kuka in one of our project reports.

More about GO2automation

March 2021

erler GmbH brings the production of tomorrow into today


Case Study

Passion of erler gmbh: automation technology and robotics.
Based in Germany, Dormettingen, erler GmbH builds robot cells for handling technology to
position customer-specific workpieces from A to B, subject to certain cycle time and quality
requirements. The supply and removal of parts is also an issue.
Thus, erler GmbH manufactures semi-automatic and fully automatic machines that are
used in assembly, machine loading and unloading or test automation.

Learn more...

February 2021



After almost 20 years, we say goodbye to a valued employee in well-deserved retirement. He always successfully solved the many challenges in electrical design and managed the planning of control systems as well as the supervision of electrical installation.

Dear Paul, enjoy your time full of freedom, pleasure and new opportunities.

We are happy for you and wish you all the best!

December 2020



Our company philosophy is supported by the fact that this year three employees are celebrating their 20th anniversary and three other employees are celebrating their 10th anniversary.

We would like to thank you for your wealth of ideas and tireless efforts, where we can always rely on your know-how. Not to be sneezed at is our team spirit in respectful cooperation, where a smile and a funny saying is never missing.

October 2020

Completion of training with distinction


The hard work has paid off. After three years of apprenticeship, our apprentice passed his last exam as an electronics technician for industrial engineering with distinction. We are very proud and are pleased to welcome him as a skilled worker.

Training and further education is a holistic aspect of our company philosophy. Some colleagues have been with us since their training and several are even celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.

Brand new electronics technician
technical training manager, managing director Holger Erler

September 2020

Manufacturing of 3D printing for machine parts


erler relies on additive manufacturing with fibre materials.
Carbon fibre, glass fibre or Kevlar with PA6:
Since 2020 we have been manufacturing our mechanical assemblies from various innovative composite materials with our own 3D printer, depending on the required stiffness and strength.

The workpieces are designed in Solid-Works and then exported to the printer "Hildegard".

August 2020

Carriage ride for colleagues


For her debut and as a thank you for the warm welcome, the new colleague invited her team to a carriage ride.

With the horse and carriage we went up to one of the
"10 thousand" in our beautiful region to enjoy the wonderful view while having a drink.

We concluded the evening with a cosy dinner.

It was probably our first, but not last carriage ride...

Many thanks to the coachman and tour guide Joachim of „rosszeit“!

July 2020

Digitalization of control cabinet construction 4.0 - electrical design


Already in 2019 erler started the project "Control cabinet construction 4.0". The goal was defined as the optimization of the value-added chain in switch cabinet construction, starting with engineering, throughout the entire production process, and ending with the delivery of the switch cabinet. Thus, even before the start of production, a "digital twin" of the control cabinet is intended to prevent errors during assembly and to use other important data for work preparation.

In the first step, a digitalization concept was developed with the EPLAN study "Schaltschrankbau 4.0" serving as a source of ideas. The process was started with the introduction of EPLAN Pro Panel in electrical design, thus creating the basis for all further processes. After familiarization with this software tool, the necessary standards were defined and the necessary data entered to create a 3D control cabinet layout. The processes were tested on several projects and refined as required. As a result, two additional workstations were equipped with EPLAN Pro Panel at the beginning of 2020.

The next steps of the digitalization process are already being developed or implemented.

April 2020

Disinfectant produced with erler control system


Due to the corona crisis, several goods are running low, such as disinfectant.

Company CHT Germany GmbH, based in Dußlingen with actual production of specialty chemicals like additives and auxilary means has recently received the approval (by BAUA - Federal Institute of Industrial Safetey and Industrial Medicine) for short term production and sales of hand sanitiser.

erler gmbh has made an important contribution in regard to the control of production plants.
A complete package, starting from e-construction, to switchboard and on-site installation of process and control technology was supplied and is continuously supported.

Click on the following link to find the entire report:
CHT is allowed to produce hand santisiser (

March 2020

erler ski trip


The first erler ski trip took place on 24 January. Early in the morning, the eleven courageous skiers and snowboarders set off in high spirits for the Silvretta Montafon ski area.

After an entertaining ride, the participants arrived at the ski area in brilliant sunshine. Having bought the lift tickets, they took the gondola up into the mountains and the fun on the slopes could begin. At the following lunch the erler-employees exchanged their experiences before they went back to the ski slopes. Due to the good conditions, the participants were able to demonstrate their skills until shortly before the lift closed.

At the end of the day all erler-employees came back from the ski trip healthy and safe and all agreed: The first erler-ski trip was a complete success and will definitely be repeated next year.

Januar 2020

Semi-automatic machine in clean room design


erler automation . robotik builds semi-automatic machines for assembly and testing systems. Depending on customer requirements, desired cycle time and ergonomics, the semi-automatic machine can be equipped with a light curtain or closed safety door.

In this example in stainless steel design, the customer equips assemblies which are hardened by UV light. Various pneumatics and servo axes in the system position the products according to recipe management.

Januar 2020

A reason to celebrate


erler gmbh was founded by Alois Erler on 1 January 1995. Therefore we can celebrate our 25th company anniversary this year.

As a start into the anniversary year the employees popped the champagne corks on 7 January 2020.

Januar 2020

Depalletizer for machine assembly in medical technology


With a Fanuc robot M-20 with 1850mm reach, workpieces with different dimensions are picked up from two possible pallet locations and placed on the feed table of a press. With two spindle axes on the gripper, the squeegees are moved over the 7th and 8th robot axis depending on the variant selection. A printed vacuum suction gripper fixes the individual workpieces. A pneumatic gate enables the operator to load new pallets during production time without interrupting the machine. The operator can also teach-in new products in the recipe management.

December 2019

Tiago - Fight for hope


erler gmbh has also heard about the fate of the small Tiago from Binsdorf. He urgently needs a very expensive medicine to improve his life expectancy.
For this reason the employees of the company decided to collect donations. The donation amount of the employees was doubled by erler gmbh. Thus, 600 Euro could be donated to Tiago and his family.

December 2019

Cosy end of the year


At the end of the year a Christmas party took place for the erler employees. As in previous years, the program began in the office building with a joint drink and a review of the year by the management. Afterwards, there was to be a short hike to the neighbouring village for a joint stopover. Due to the bad weather only a part of the staff went there. The rest went by car. There we spent a cosy evening with delicious food and a nice get together.

December 2019

erler takes actions for success


At erler gmbh the main focus is on tangibly improving processes. This was also the task that Elias Ruggaber set himself in his final technician’s project. The goal was to merge the results of two final technician’s projects and thus develop a sequential control system for a robot using an S7-1500 via Modbus TCP. The plan is to use the optimized system to highlight the opportunities offered by automation during the erler Open House Day.

Source: Zollern-Alb-Kurier, special publication Vorstellung der Technikerarbeiten 2019 (Presentation of the final technician’s projects 2019)

August 2019

Partner summit is a huge success


Rabenstein Castle in the middle of the region called Franconian Switzerland formed the ceremonial backdrop for the Stäubli Partner Summit, which takes place every two years. At this year’s event Stäubli Robotics paid tribute to its strategic and authorized partners in an impressive atmosphere with the presentation of the Partner Awards 2019.

With this award, Stäubli expresses its high regard for its partners and thanks them for their loyalty and a relationship based on mutual trust. The criterion for the award is solely the level of innovation of their solutions in conjunction with the use of Stäubli robots.

One of the three awards with which Stäubli honors the special services in the field of automation was presented to erler gmbh.

July 2019

erler participates in a sporting event


14 runners from erler successfully participated in the 10th AOK Corporate Run in the Swabian town of Balingen under tropical conditions.

They trained on a weekly basis beforehand in order to master the 5.6 kilometers. Having fun while running as a team was the main reason for taking part. Afterwards, there was a party on the market square and a rush on the photo booth.

The motto is now: After the run is before the run – it‘s time to get into shape!

June 2019

Further progress in robot programming


In the fall of 2018 we expanded our offering in the field of robot programming with another manufacturer. Fanuc is one of the leading producers of robotic solutions in the world and has an excellent reputation due to its innovative spirit. A member of the erler staff took part in a corresponding training course, allowing us to offer the programming of Fanuc robots as well in future.

June 2019

Sponsorship for future MINT graduates


MINT is the German acronym for Mathematics, Engineering Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology: erler is not the only company that is dependent on young talents who have studied so-called MINT subjects. The competitions that have been instilling enthusiasm for such topics in young people for decades are the German youth science competition for young people from the age of 15 “Jugend forscht” (“youth researches”) and its junior partner for the under 15s “Schüler experimentieren” (“pupils experiment”).

For the tenth time in a row the state final of “Schüler experimentieren” was held in Balingen. The winners from the eleven regions of Baden-Württemberg competed in the fields of the work environment, biology, chemistry, geo- and space sciences, mathematics/IT, physics, and technology.

erler is proud of its role as main backer and sponsor of the state final. The works exhibited impress us again and again due to their creativity, and the young talents themselves never fail to amaze us due to the enthusiasm they show for their subject.

May 2019

Commitment to the region


As a regional company, we believe we have a responsibility for our local area. That is why we support DRK Schömberg, the German Red Cross unit in Schömberg. It was also thanks to our donation that it was possible to replace the emergency vehicle, which was getting a bit long in the tooth, with a new one.

December 2018

Year ends on a high


The erler workforce was literally up on high during its Christmas party. The program began in the Dormettingen plant with a presentation by the management board to review the developments of the previous year. The day then continued with a trip to Rottweil – right to the very top: with 232 meters, the visitor platform on the thyssenkrupp test tower is the highest in the whole of Germany. Mesmerized by impressions of the magnificent panorama and the Swabian Jura, he workforce then whiled away the evening with a meal in a restaurant in Rottweil.

December 2018

Automated Precision: cutting-edge measuring technology


erler, Viktor Hegedüs and Jenoptik: three companies that stand out due to their outstanding achievements in their respective fields. In order to develop a new measuring machine, we pooled our competencies. We presented the result on a joint trade fair booth during the GEWATEC-Technologie-Tagen in Wehingen.

June 2018