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Our success stories from a wide range of industries and areas show you how we master challenges and implement innovations at erler.

Our expertise in the logistics industry extended to the pharmaceutical industry when we implemented the project to develop an apparatus for THC extraction in close cooperation with De Dietrich. Our services included planning, electrical design, functional safety, switchgear cabinet construction, PLC/HMI programming and functional commissioning.

The challenge was to comply with stringent ATEX requirements for potentially explosive atmospheres. The apparatus is based on the Soxhlet process for extracting THC for medical applications. Our universal concept combined process engineering, mechanical and control systems engineering, while always focusing on intuitive operation.

Despite extreme time pressure and a shortage of material for I&C components, we remained flexible and found solutions through alternative suppliers, components and flexibility in personnel. The project was completed successfully and on time, achieving the desired results.

We successfully developed an automation solution for our customer's filling system in Lower Saxony, which performs sterile and aseptic filling, including filling of the Biontech Covid vaccine.

This project involved three highly specialized robots with grippers. A camera enabled precise position detection of drawers and rows of vials. The first robot cell removed the vials and took them to the optical inspection system, which checked 200 vials per minute for damage. The second robot cell opened and closed drawers on Kanban trolleys standing in parallel.

The safety concept included ground scanners to monitor for hazards and compliance with safe distances. Qualification documents were prepared in accordance with GMP guidelines.

Seamless communication with machine suppliers and production machining companies enabled rapid vaccine production, within an amazingly short project period of just 16 weeks. An impressive 12,000 vials per hour were packed in the filling line, corresponding to 72,000 vaccine doses, protecting 36,000 people per hour against the virus.

We are proud to have made an important contribution to combating the pandemic.

Implemented technology: Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 Safety, Siemens ComfortPanel HMI TP1200, 3 Yaskawa robots with special grippers, interfaces to various system parts and floor scanners from Sick.

Our state-of-the-art robot cell enables precise depalletizing of sheet metal blanks in the medical technology industry. With a variably adjustable robot gripper and flexible blank holders, the cell can successfully destack blanks in 21 different sheet metal blank dimensions and convey them to the press brake.

An intelligent control system seamlessly integrates the entire system in the production process. Order data are transmitted directly from SAP and switchover between orders with format adjustment is fully automatic, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Our services included mechanical and electrical design, assembly and PLC programming as well as electrical design, switchgear cabinet construction and system installation. This project succeeded over well-known competitors and enables the efficient processing of blanks in medical technology.

Implemented technology: Fanuc M-710iC/45M, Siemens S7-1515F, Siemens WinCC V7, Siemens ComfortPanel and SolidWorks.

Our task was to combine the loading of roller containers in a logistics center in two higher-level process control systems, necessitating intensive data transfer. This challenge entailed transmitting many data points generated by the roller container system. Structural tolerances and some transport damage to the roller containers also had to be accounted for. The software and the system were designed to be sufficiently robust to compensate for unforeseeable effects.

We also integrated the labeler, scanner and wrapper into the overall process and configured communications between the automatic conveyor station for empty roll containers and pickup for loaded containers with an automatic driverless pallet truck system. A total of 26 roller container systems were networked together in this logistics center, and collaboration was international with project teams from seven countries.

The result is a fully automated logistics center in which the roller containers are loaded to order. All processes from order entry from the branches to loading the trucks are now autonomous.

Implemented technology: S7-300 Saftey-CPU, HMI-BasicPanel, TIA V13, SEW Movi Drive, SEW Movi Trac, ProfiNet + ProfiSafe.

In a year of intensive conversion work, we successfully modernized the first of two dry sewage sludge silos supplying an incineration plant. The challenge was not only to replace the hardware, but also to convert the existing S7 control system and InTouch® visualization to a Simatic PCS7 control system. The greatest challenge was the tight timeframe for commissioning: Only four hours of downtime were available, as the incinerator was integrated in the ongoing production process.

We integrated the existing control components into the PCS7 environment, added new hardware components and gradually migrated the old control system to the new PCS7 control system. We also implemented a MultiFlex weighing system for continuous dosing by weight and updated the system in accordance with the guidelines for explosion-protected zones in order to obtain the required TÜV certification.

The new control system enables more consistent combustion and improved redundancy and minimizes downtime for maintenance work. System safety was brought up to the latest state of the art.

We are proud to have met the tight time frame for the conversion and have added the PCS7 control system to our portfolio of expertise.

Implemented technology: Simatic PCS7, Simatic ET 200SP, ABB frequency converter (ACS355, ACS880), MultiFlex screw weigh-feeder, Profinet / Profibus.

We have developed customized software for over 50 dialysis filter machines that produce different variants. This software serves as the basis for several machine types and is based on our in-depth knowledge and experience from previous projects. We have successfully connected process I&C and integrated new industrial robots, significantly increasing system efficiency.

The machines are manufactured and tested in Germany every three to four months. After disassembly and shipping to America, we supported the electrical installation and reassembly of the machines on site.

In the medical technology industry, our proven approach ensures short commissioning times in Germany and the USA. Our experience from previous projects and the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as S7 control and industrial robots are especially advantageous. Assembling and testing the systems in our plant enables us to provide our customers with targeted support on reassembly and commissioning in the USA and ensure functional safety of the system.

Our powerful software enables automatic recording and analysis of energy data in a chemical company. B&R technology ensures that electricity, hot water, water, steam, compressed air, nitrogen and heating oil are acquired with a resolution of minutes and are assigned to the various areas. This forms the basis for ISO 50001 certification and targeted energy savings.

Our solution replaces manual recordings and enables precise cost allocations based on actual energy consumption. Automatically generated reports provide insight in energy efficiency and provide a guide for continuously reducing consumption. We have established the basis for efficient energy management using B&R technology.

ISO 50001 certification, supported by B&R technology, exempts the customer from the EEC levy and enables them to meet the more stringent requirements of the future.

In only 7 days, we replaced the old Reis robot with a Kuka robot of the latest generation. The extensive conversion work was performed in two shifts and included disassembling the old robot, installing the new robot and integrating the robot controller into the existing PLC control via Profibus.

Our careful planning and coordination enabled a smooth conversion despite tight space constraints. The number of robot jobs was reduced from 400 to 70, and the system now operates completely autonomously. KUKA.SafeOperation ensures safe limitation of the robot work area.

This retrofit enabled our customer to achieve nearly uninterrupted operation, and the system for quality testing and quality assurance of rock samples now runs around the clock.

We have brought this system ahead into the future using KUKA KRC4 technology and other innovations.

XTS comprises a small number of powerful components and offers an extremely flexible automation concept. The 'movers' operate independently and can be programmed based on requirements and automation specifications.

Our specially developed software environment enables simple configuration of XTS functions. Processing and test stations, processing areas and section lengths can all be individually adjusted.

This pioneering automation concept significantly shortens implementation times and enables the implementation of creative ideas without complex programming. The systems save space, are easy to handle and provide fast production changes with cycle times of less than 1 second.

XTS sets new standards with a virtually wear-free magnetic system, low cabling requirements and minimal switchgear cabinet requirements.

Our technologies, including TwinCat NC PTP, TwinCAT XTS and TwinCat 3, ensure that you can get to market faster and benefit from unrivaled flexibility and efficiency.

Robots, including the latest-generation 6-axis and SCARA robots, have been implemented in various industries such as automotive, construction materials, electronics, plastics, medicine, metal, packaging, pharmaceuticals and more. Our robots perform precise tasks, from handling delicate contact pins and dialysis filters to handling two-meter-long parquet boards. Control is provided by a higher-level PLC. Our erler teach menu was developed as a recognized robot standard and greatly simplifies operation. 100 robots were installed and commissioned worldwide, with multilingual robot systems for smooth human-machine communication. We rely on proven technologies from Stäubli, Kuka, Epson, Motoman and various software interfaces such as Profibus, Profinet, ProfiSafe, Modbus, Ethernet and EtherCat to implement innovative automation solutions.

In our role at erler, we provide the connection between customers, suppliers and internal teams. We ensure that all processes function seamlessly.

Internally, we optimize collaboration through the ERP system and modern IT tools. Our tasks include phone consultations with customers, arranging meetings, monitoring quotations and coordinating inquiries, purchases, project completion and after-sales service. We always serve as friendly and competent contact partners.

Our flexibility and commitment enable us to respond spontaneously to urgent requests and provide our technical colleagues with the best possible support. We stay up-to-date through continuous training and participation in information events.

Our work helps to ensure smooth collaboration between customers and our technical teams, ultimately resulting in satisfied customers. We also help to promote a positive work atmosphere at erler. As a team, we support each other and live by the principle of 'all for one and one for all'. We are often active together even in our free time and organize extraordinary events for the company.

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