Swabian ingenuity for the coming age

Trendsetting technology, Swabian ingenuity and work ethics, strong regional ties combined with a cosmopolitan mindset: at erler apparent opposites combine to form a strong partner for industry in the Neckar-Alb region.

We are a Swabian family business presently being run by the second generation. When our company was founded, it was among the technological pioneers far beyond the Zollernalb district of Baden-Württemberg. erler has kept in step with the times right up to the present day in order to drive the success of the manufacturing sector as a strong partner.

We gladly put our international experience – systems designed by us are in operation in the USA and in Russia among other countries – to use to benefit the companies in the tradition-steeped industrial region Neckar-Alb. This is our contribution to the prosperity of our home region.

After all, automation and robotics are making an ever-greater contribution to ensuring that Baden-Württemberg remains a good place to do business. The advantages of this forward-looking process allow us to remain competitive on the international stage and have now become essential for the survival of our local industry.