Sustainably productive with commitment and responsibility

Dealing with people and resources with a sense of responsibility: that is how we understand the term sustainability. Protecting the environment and conserving natural resources are high-priority objectives for erler automation . robotik gmbh. And not just as of today. In 2009 erler automation . robotik gmbh decided to invest in a new “green” building that was intended to be not only sustainable on the day it opened, but still be sustainable decades later.

We have received the KEFF-label for increasing energy efficiency.


By 2021 we had avoided 358.42 tons of CO2.

Grafik Nachhaltigkeit

We have set ourselves ambitious targets and have thus already implemented measures in many areas of our company:


  1. Waste management: avoid, reduce, separate
  2. Building services: since 2009 heating and cooling using geothermal energy, photovoltaic system with a rated output of 39.7 kWp
  3. Since 2021 100% green electricity, constant emissions testing (KEFF check)


  1. Selection of suppliers: preference given to regional suppliers with short delivery routes when comparing prices
  2. Supplier analyses
  3. Cooperation with suppliers with environmental management systems
  4. Prozessoptimierung in den Bereichen Effizienzsteigerung und Ressourcenschonung
  5. Process optimization in the fields of efficiency improvement and resource conservation


  1. Value-oriented conduct: we treat people with dignity and respect
  2. Provision of long-term jobs
  3. Employees from our region are given preference
  4. Equal opportunities for all employees irrespective of their age, gender identity, nationality or any other personal characteristic
  5. Opportunities for training, seminars and courses to improve the level of qualification
  6. Appraisal interviews for performance-assessment and career-planning purposes
  7. Support for the regional economy by placing orders with local suppliers