Measurement technology of the future

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Education ambassador at work

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We are "Preferred System Integrator"

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Many shooters hit the mark

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Mentoring – erler and Technisches Gymnasium Balingen break new ground

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APROL - Gradual modernization process control

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Collaboration with Weckenmann systems technology company

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Company moves into new building located at Bubensulz 6

The company moved into its new building after just under a year’s construction.
More on this in articles by the ‘Schwarzwälder Boten’ and the ‘Zollernalbkurier’ newspapers:
"Schwarzwälder Bote" article
"Zollernalbkurier" article

Workshop on the ‘New Machinery Directive’

Time is counting down… as of December 29, 2009 there will be no getting by the new 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive or the new EN ISO 13849-1 & EN IEC 62061 standards. As a special service, we are offering our clients exclusive workshops on the practical implementation of this current topic.

Gantry crane optimises product discharge on its own

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Batch-oriented data handling in the textile chemicals industry

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